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Thoughts on The Healthcare Bill

My father said to me many times while I was growing up in a small Pennsylvania coal town, "Change comes slowly". And my own personal experience over the years suggests that this wise man was so right. As human beings, we seem to have an innate chip that inspires fear of anything different from what we know, a natural protection, I suppose, from the many dangers that could threaten us in the wild of our caveman days. One would hope, of course, that our experience, our intellect, and our knowledge of history would overcome that inherent fear in situations where the facts suggest otherwise. But The Status Quo is a powerful drug, and if you have something that seems to work for you, it's only natural to not want to give it up for an unknown. Thus the dynamic of the Power Brokers, The Haves, the upper tiers of society.....any society! For the rich who can afford the best healthcare, the Staus Quo works. For the powerful insurance companies, healthcare companies, and those politicians who are in their pocket, The Status Quo works. But for so middle class, poor, and disenfranchised Americans, it is not and has not been working.

So this dynamic makes it all the more interesting that The Good Old USA has finally embarked on a different path when it comes to the healthcare system in this country. No matter that every other "developed" country in The West has Universal Healthcare, "Socialized Medicine"...whatever you want to call it....a system where everyone pitches in to help everyone else, and a system that most folks in these countries will tell you works quite well, thank you, that very few if any would give up for a system like ours. But we have finally made a move toward CHANGE with this healthcare bill. In the scope of things, we made a "LEFT TURN"......yes, LEFT.....because LEFT suggests change....RIGHT suggests Status Quo, " conserve, to hold on to, to be wary of change". The only real constant is CHANGE. And to resist any change simply out of fear is to be stuck in that caveman mentality, to be in fear of one's own life...or in the case of many, fear of losing one's identity.
The forces that have been against Healthcare Reform seem to be those who have had the most to lose.....(1) Healthcare Companies whose obscene profits would become less and (2) Republicans who see their party as losing to The Democrats, Republicans whose prediction of "Obama's Waterloo" not coming true, of Obama winning the battle of healthcare and by definition, Republicans losing the battle. Quite simply, this greed dynamic has been framing this thing for the past year....for the past 50 really.
So we are at a new juncture, one of change. Yes, as my father said, change does come slowly. This healthcare bill is far from perfect, has much to be desired as far as covering all Americans with insurance, is a very long way from Single Payer/Universal Healthcare, and a very long way from getting the unnecessarily huge profits of a few giant healthcare corporations over the needs of The People. But it is A START. This is not about a victory for The Democrats or's a victory for The People and their needs. It's a moment where The Little Guy triumphed briefly over The Bully. It's a moment of Change, and in that respect, it's a good thing!

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