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Thoughts from Freebo and Others

Bitchin' Rights

Greetings to friends unknown:  This piece is about placing our petty complaints into proper perspective.  With a little humility and sensitivity we might all make the world a more pleasant place to live.  All we need to do is simply relinquish our bitchin' rights.  I hope you enjoy the reading.    ...RVT

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A New Day In Freebomusic Blogging!

Hi Everybody,

I now have all blogging technicalities in place and I'm ready to begin blogging, complete with your ability to respond to any blog, as well as to each other, creating an online community. My friends ROY VAN TIL and MICHAEL JOCHUM will also be blogging, both interesting people with different styles of writing and hopefully compelling, provocative, and stimulating. We're looking for agreement, disagreement, other points of view. I look forward to your reading my blogs as well as Roy's and Michael's....and to your comments.

Thanks you so much for being a part of my world, my music, and being a difference in making this a better place for us ALL.



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