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Gadaffi: I love a girl in uniform

Gadaffi: “I love a girl in uniform”…

Gadaffi has a bevy of bathing beauties at his beck and call. Forty lipsticked, bejeweled all around foxy ladies surround the dictator at all times. They wear designer sunglasses to compliment their camouflage and military boots. They are trained killers-graduates of the elite training academy in Tripoli. Gaddafi had established his version of “Kill Bill’s” crazy eighty eight as his countries symbol of women’s emancipation. “I promised my mother I would improve the situation of women in Libya”, he reportedly said at the time. Visitors who have been granted access inside this academy describe a cement block where women are indoctrinated into the ways of the aggressor. They are instructed in contemporary killing techniques day and night for three years..........

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