Hi Everybody,

So BP has "plugged the hole", capped the well, and everything will be OK......I WISH!!! If this whole thing isn't a huge wakeup call to all of us, to speak out, to get involved, to cry out for change, and to continue to be the change that we wish to see......I don't know what is or what will be. We are truly at a crossroads, at a point of destiny, and the choices we make now as a society and a country will effect all those who come after us. We need a new direction, and we must demand it. I know it won't be easy, I know its frustrating for each of us "little guys", I know there are powers that be who will stop at nothing to make greater and greater profits at the expense of The People. But together, we really can make a difference, by speaking out individually and in great numbers. We can be MAD AS HELL AND NOT TAKE T ANY MORE if we really want to. We can choose NOT to be lulled to sleep by those forces who wish us to be unconscious. Because if we don't, this will not be the last disaster, or the biggest. If we cannot see the madness of the direction in which we're heading, then we're no different than the Captain of The Titanic.....full speed ahead on an unsinkable ship, intent on breaking the trans-oceanic speed record in a sea known to have deadly icebergs, unable to stop or change direction once an iceberg is sited....THE TIPPING POINT. And I firmly believe we are indeed very close to that tipping point, and if we don't slow down and/or change direction, the ship will hit the fan! DRILL BABY DRILL.......NOT!