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"Heed Your Calling, If Not Now When"

Freebo is now sharing his inspirational message
through story and song entitled
“Heed Your Calling, If Not Now When”
…filled with harmony, hope, & humor.

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Creativity Retreat

Songwriting & Wellness Retreat Creativity Intensive 


April 23rd-29th, 2018
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CD - If Not Now When

If Not Now When

Radio Promotion/Interviews
Kari Estrin Mgt/Consulting
PO Box 60232, Nashville, TN 37206
615.262.0883 *

IF NOT NOW WHEN is the culmination of Freebo’s successful transition from world-renown bass player to world-class songwriter, artist, and producer. The CD is a combination of newly written and recorded songs, interspersed with previously recorded songs, all re-sung, re-mixed, and sometimes re-orchestrated. Freebo’s revealing and poetic lyrics are beautifully supported and emotionally enhanced by the varied styles of music he has played with so many of the legends of Rock ‘N’ Roll, artfully producing his songs by focusing on his acoustic guitar and voice with tastefully augmented instrumentation, including his iconic fretless bass. A rare combination of musical sophistication and lyrical wisdom, IF NOT NOW WHEN is an inspiring, motivational, deeply revealing, and often humorous look into a kind, thoughtful, and artistic soul whose musical imprint has been memorably embedded in the last six decades of American music. [Read More]

Previous CDs - Something to Believe

something-cd Something to Believe

"In a cluttered world that seems to thrive on excess, self-promotion, and personal and political agendas, listening to Freebo and his new album is like riding on a cumulus cloud of peaceful awareness. Freebo’s songs are at once uplifting while also serving as mini socio-economic/political history lessons interspersed with beautiful melodic love songs in his own cosmic blend of folk/country/rock/soul ear-pleasing genre-defying music”.
—Walt Falconer,


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Previous CDs - Before the Separation


Before the Separation

"Before the Separation flows with a compassionate spirit rooted in '60s ideals, but packing a gently urgent relevancy."
—Nick Cristiano, The Philadelphia Inquirer 

"Before the Seperation" is very soulful, introspective, heartfelt, and thoughtful.     
—Bill Thames, Shake Magazine

What the CD reveals is a very good songwriter at work, with thoughtful, articulate lyrics and original melodies, beautifully arranged.
—Arthur Elliot, Sidestream Radio, Brisbane, Australia