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if-not-now-when-cd If Not Now When

A cosmic blend of country/blues/folk/rock/soul ear-pleasing genre defying music with intimate and go-down-easy personable vocals that can tie in light-hearted fare, social commentary, and spiritual quest with love-sweet-love, and make it sound seamless.


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Something to Believe

"In a cluttered world that seems to thrive on excess, self-promotion, and personal and political agendas, listening to Freebo and his new album is like riding on a cumulus cloud of peaceful awareness. Freebo’s songs are at once uplifting while also serving as mini socio-economic/political history lessons interspersed with beautiful melodic love songs in his own cosmic blend of folk/country/rock/soul ear-pleasing genre-defying music”.
—Walt Falconer,

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Freebo Singing the Nation Anthem


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Something to Believe

Freebo is more than a beloved musician, he’s an institution. Most famous for the funkified precision and fluid soul of his bass playing for Bonnie Raitt, he’s also a longtime beloved studio cat, a musician’s musician, sought out for his greatness in the studio by everyone from Ringo and Dr. John to CSN, Aaron Neville, Marie Muldaur and the late great Willie DeVille. 

But Freebo is more than one of this town’s best players, as those in the know have known for a long time: he’s also a richly gifted and distinctive songwriter.  Like other famous musicians most often linked in the public’s mind with artists they’ve supported onstage and on recordsers, his own voice as a singer-songwriter hasn’t received the attention it’s been due. But the guy is a seriously good writer, as expressive in his writing as on a bass.

If anyone has written a more poignant song about homelessness than “Where There’s No Place Like Home,” I haven’t heard it yet, but I hope someone tries. Because it’s aiming high, to write a song about a subject so hopeless without being hopelessly maudlin or cliché, so most songwriters don’t even try.  Freebo does it with easy grace, as simple and right as the beautifully understated arrangement. 

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Songwriting/Creativity Intensive & Wellness Retreat

These new weekend retreat dates have been added because the first weekend filled up so quickly. 

Go deeper with your music and creativity as you get in touch with your body, mind and spirit.

Songwriting/Creativity Intensive & Wellness Retreat
California Hot Springs - June 21st through June 28th

Contact Freebo: 323-573- 2001 or:
Join FREEBO, award winning singer/songwriter, world renowned bass player, and inspirational teacher, along with his team of FLORENCE RIGGS, extraordinary innovative vocal coach, and MICHAEL JOCHUM, world-class drummer and certified yoga instructor, for a week-long musical intensive that will take your craft to a deeper level.

While participating in creative hands on workshops daily, you will access your full creative potential in this beautiful camp experience that encompasses health and wellness for the mind, body, and spirit.

An amazing program of fitness activities in healing mineral hot spring pools, hikes in a secluded Giant Sequoia grove, morning yoga, and healthful delicious cuisine throughout. The retreat is limited to only 10-12 students, so you will receive a great deal of personal attention.
You will leave with a new song, a recorded version of that song complete with full rhythm section, and a deeper understanding of your craft and yourself.  

Musical Program consists of:
  • Musical Program consists of:
  • Songwriting Craft and Technique
  • Vocal and Guitar Technique
  • Music theory made simple
  • Melody, Harmony, Rhythm
  • Chord Structure
  • Accompaniment (self and others)
  • Performance
  • Song arrangement
  • Recording production
  • Drum Circles
  • Writing amongst the Giant Sequoias

Therapeutic Fitness Program
Immerse yourself in the healing mineral waters of California Hot Springs in this specially created program to tone, detox and rejuvenate. Enjoy quiet walks in a moss-covered forest filled with Giant Sequoias as you download ideas for your song. Start each morning with a healthy smoothie, followed by yoga for physical, spiritual, and emotional well being. And enjoy our chef's cuisine, a delicious Healthy Fusion of local organic vegetables, meats and fish.

Reminiscent of Hemingway's retreat camp in Africa. Enjoy the ambiance of lanterns and beautiful linens while immersed in the unique Hgh Sierra Mountain setting of California Hot Springs with its unusual combination of oaks, rock formations, and flowing streams. 

FREEBO will give you specific tools and hints for your songwriting, song-arrangement, and performing, all within the context of honoring your special gifts and giving yourself permission and the courage to become the artist/musician you've always wanted to be. In a world of judgment and criticism, we are filled with the voices of others telling us how to be. Freebo will help you to find your own voice, figuratively and literally. Along with the craft of songwriting, he will also help you to shape your song with arrangement, chord substitutions, and phrasing ideas. And in performing your song, Freebo covers the topics of fear, preparation, tools, timing, and communication. How do you connect to your audience? You become one with them!
MICHAEL JOCHUM, drummer extraordinaire, will join Freebo as a rhythm section for the recording of your song, and will also be leading inspiring drum circles. Michael has played with Jackson Browne, Christina Aguilera, and on hundreds of records and TV shows. Several years ago, he took up yoga, became a certified hatha yoga instructor, and along with his yoga instructor wife, Karen, he will be facilitating our morning yoga practice. Michael says, "Yoga as the music of the soul is a foundation that embodies a sense of improvisation and structure. Incorporating my love of music with a devotion to teaching yoga has been the most profound and rewarding experience in my life".


Use your voice in a free-form spontaneous way without lyrics. Become more comfortable in making any kind of sound within your creative parameters without judgement and unlock the creative muse within.

Florence teaches a vocal technique that is predicated upon staying connected to your speech level and is applicable to all styles of singing.  You will have a private voice lesson/consultation with her to address any of your vocal questions or challenges.



Hi Freebo! Hey, I want to say thank you so much for putting together such an amazing Songwriting and Creativity retreat, with the added bonus of having a wellness theme, too! I am just a beginner songwriter, and with your instruction and patience, in less than a week, I wrote and recorded a song I really love, and am proud to share with everyone! The food that Laurie prepared was out of this world fantastic, and it was all so healthy! I very much loved starting the day with morning smoothies and hot springs water aerobics! And the setting at California Hot Springs is so beautiful; it was a peaceful getaway as well as very conducive to creativity. I am excited to come back to another retreat! CK :) -Cheryl Krieger Brown

Hi Freebo:  Wow!  In the 3 and a half years since I attended your initial songwriting retreat, so many great things have happened!  Please add this to my testimonial on your website, because just seeing the writeup won't let people know how profoundly a week like this can change one's life!  After I wrote and made a demo recording at your retreat (and thought that was pretty good!), you planted the idea in my mind of producing a CD for me.  At that time, I didn't believe it was really possible, or that I had the money or talent to do it.  Nor did I have enough songs!  Yet, with your encouragement, your patience in helping me every step of the way, even through my personal meltdowns as I struggled to grow as a singer/songwriter, I am SO happy to tell everyone that November 2014, I released an 11-song professional CD, titled "Believe", with 5 songs that I co-wrote (four with you!). Not only does that CD have an amazing sound because you encouraged me to keep going until my sound truly was a "ten", but my vocal and songwriting abilities grew tenfold as well. I will never forget that initial creativity and songwriting retreat at your beautiful place, and I plan to keep coming back for every-upward evolution.  You never know how far you can go - my mind did not even fathom how far I would go with my singing, songwriting and recording, and I thank you very much.  

-all the best, CK Brown February 2015

On Freebo's workshop: Since my initial class in music 15 years ago I haven't been fortunate to attend workshops that went beyond the technical side to the spiritual/emotional side and my music has suffered for it. This workshop combined the technical and spiritual/emotional sides in a way that I will always carry with me. The ultimate value of a workshop of any kind is not simply how much you enjoy it in the moment but in how much it impacts your life and work afterwards. The things I've learned have impacted every part of my music since then - songwriting, performing, and recording. And becoming a better musician has hopefully made me a better person. -Happy Ron Hill

My name is Tom Darcey, and I recently had the privilege, along with six other people, of attending a songwriting and creativity workshop taught by Freebo with the assistance of Laurie Pettigrew. I cannot make enough positive statements about my experience at the workshop. The experience was transformational for me, and will be a life experience that I will always remember and treasure. Freebo and Laurie are both very skilled and talented people who are highly attuned and sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. They are committed to sharing their knowledge and creative abilities in order to not only educate and teach, but also to promote wellbeing and spiritual growth. I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in songwriting, creativity, and wellness attend future workshops that Freebo and Laurie are planning on facilitating. -Tom Darcey

All inclusive retreat 7 nights/7 days: single occupancy $975.00. Double Occupancy $850.00
For booking and information please contact either:
Freebo-323 573 2001
Laurie Pettigrew- 661 548 6500